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"Good work? You're going to turn him into another bloody Murdoch!"

"Crabtree.""No I think that's an elm."

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Name:Constable George Crabtree
Birthdate:Mar 14
Location:Toronto, Canada
Website:Station #4
From the Canadian police drama "Murdoch Mysteries", set in late 1890's Toronto, George Crabtree is an eager young constable who hopes to make detective one day. Although a keen student (even Nikola Tesla said so [they totes hang out]), George has little in the way of formal education, and is a bit naive. Still, he's more clever than most people expect him to be, and his open mindedness, and tendency to babble often result in unexpectedly insightful commentary. He has good instincts, and is a very competant constable when he isn't being ridiculous.

George is of average height, and is fit under his police uniform. He has a boyish, goofy face, and despite having been born, abandoned as a baby, and raised in Ontario, he has a Newfoundland accent (which sounds something like a Canadian accent, an Irish accent, and a Cockney accent all threw up in his mouth at the same time). He is well-liked at the station, and is usually very even-tempered and soft-spoken, but has no qualms about getting in a bust-up if someone needs busting up in the name of the law. He hit a tiger once (although, full disclosure: tigers are not overly impressed by truncheons, but nobody likes a mauled Higgins).

If you are Detective Murdoch, and you ask him to, you will find George quite willing to: wear a dress, shoot a pig carcass, get fake-shot, dress up like a dead guy, do impressions of his boss, sprint through the woods while you time him, and make guys who are making moves on your lady friend less pretty in the face, among other things. If you are not Murdoch, he will likely do any of those things for you as well, so long as you ask him nicely enough. He tries to do right by other people. He's particularly fond of dogs.

Contrary to his username, George actually makes a whole $1.20 a day.

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